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Slash by Unsentimental Fool
Not all that you want and ought not to want Is forbidden to you
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28th-Jun-2015 08:58 pm - [sticky post] FIC INDEX
Hi, I'm Unsentimental Fool and my fics are archived here.

I don't use specific warnings in this index where they might interfere with narrative but please be aware that some stories contain explicit sex, violence, obscenities or other adult themes. They are rated accordingly.

Alphabetical by fandom and title

(1 story, 290 words)

Onanism R, 290 words, Hal.

(7 stories, 4 series,131,000 words)

Aggravation In which Avon is a (mostly) well-mannered sadist and Tarrant is an (unambiguously) awful pain in the neck. 9,200 words, NC-17
Perturbation (on A03) On reflection, last night wasn't really his sort of thing at all. So if Tarrant has any sense he'll let the whole thing alone. But then common sense has never really been his strong point... 21,000 words, sequel to Aggravation, NC-17.

Analyst Blake, Servalan, Avon. PG. 3,900 words. Blake is trapped with only one topic of conversation.

Series Ensemble Avon, Blake, Tarrant, Soolin, Dayna, Servalan, Vila. Post Gauda Prime.
Ensemble Gauda Prime. Some indeterminate time after the guns stop firing. 8,200 words. PG-13
Back in Touch. It's only taken Blake a few hours from learning to turn the light switch on to making his bid for leadership. Avon supposes that really that shouldn't have surprised him at all. . 9,500 words, 15.

Extrapolating From A Single DataPoint Blake, Avon. PG-13. 5,000 words. The noises around him went suddenly, shockingly quiet, and in the silence he could hear something else.

Good Shepherd dogBlake, lynxServalan, wolfAvon. PG. 5,000 words. Blake wonders what it would be like to roam solitary over the wide mountains.

Series Odd One Out Blake/Avon NC-17
Odd One Out NC-17, 4,200 words
Certain Parameters 7,900
Everything in Chains part 1 total 11,300
Everything in Chains part 2

Shall We Dance? PG, 2,800 words, Avon/Servalan fluff

Unstable Compound Blake, Avon
Blake is determined to strike a blow against Terra Nostra and the Federation, but he can't even be certain about the loyalties of his own crew. Total 25,000 words, PG-13.

Valuable Asset Blake, Avon It's your misfortune to be worth a great deal, Blake.The others weren't. 25,000 words, 13+
Valuable Asset Chapter 1 to 3, Nausea, Bruises, Hunger
Valuable Asset Chapter 4,Indoctrination
Valuable Asset Chapter 5, Aggression
Valuable Asset Chapter 6, Betrayal
Valuable Asset Chapter 7, Blood
Valuable Asset Chapter 8, Resignation
Valuable Asset Chapter 9, Torment
Valuable Asset Chapter 10, Mistrust
Valuable Asset Chapter 11, Severance

(4 stories, 13,700 words)

The Morally Ambiguous Samaritan Spike/Xander, 3000 words NC 17 This was the first fic I ever wrote; an attempt to write a Spike/Xander story that kept Spike's balls intact. Dark. Early season 6.

Drifting Spike/Lindsey, 3700, R. Set long before they met in canon. Spike is drifting after his Africa encounter, Lindsey is just drifting.

Roses and Candles Buffy/Spike, 3000 words, NC 17. Het. Season 6. It's about sex.

In The Face Of Pain Spike/Angel, 4000 words, NC 17, very dark. Season 6.

(1 story, 1,400 words)

Redemption Spike/Guy, 1,400 words, PG, post both series. Spike and Guy get their eternal rewards.

(2 series, 2 stories, 76,000 words)

It Doesn't Always Show 860 words PG-13. Gen, dark.

Put A Ring On It 2,700 words. R. Carolyn can't sleep. Douglas and Martin tell her a story. Humour.

Series Sorting Out Martin’s Little Problem
Sorting Out Martin's Little Problem 5,180 words, PG 13 "I have the most unromantic existence that it's possible for an airline pilot to have; shabby, desperate and surrounded by people who get their kicks out of laughing at me. Why should you expect my sex life to be any different?"
Chase Away Those Restless Fears 5,200 words, R. "I've had some spectacularly unsuccessful dates in my time but this one is starting to really stand out from the crowd. "
Show You A Sunset 8,000 words R. In which the story turns a little more difficult.
Bedroom 8,000 words NC-17
Mrs Richardson 6,400 words R. Final instalment.

Series Treason and Plot
Gunpowder Treason and Plot Part 1
Gunpowder Treason and Plot Part 2 total 8,900 words. PG-13. In which Douglas finds out that not everyone thinks he's terrific. Gen, dark.
Adding Insult to Injury Part 1
Adding Insult to Injury part 2 total 8,900 words. NC-17. Douglas/Herc. Douglas is provoked with unexpected results. BDSM.
In Anticipation Of Part 1
In Anticipation Of Part 2
total 13,200 words. NC-17. Douglas/Herc, Herc/Carolyn. Post Yverdon-les-Bains sequel. BDSM.
Sins not Tragedies Part 1/3 3,900 words. NC-17. BDSM She traces the letters drawn on her lover's chest... She's curious.
Sins not Tragedies Part 2/3, 4,900 words. NC-17. BDSM Herc’s voice goes up. “I’m not sure you want to do this tonight, Douglas.” (Unfinished)

(3 stories, 3,550 words)

Gratuitous Sex and Violence Master/Jack, NC 17, 2000 words. Jack in captivity.

Emotions Tenth Doctor/Master, 1450 words. R. I was aiming at something particular here, and I don't think it worked. But a hint of it might get through the clumsiness.

Breakable Owen/Jack A drabble, just to try them out.

(1 story, 4,200 words)

The Broken Lock

(1 series, 21,400 words)

Series Karl’s Boys
Karl's Boys 1/7: Meet the Boys 2,100 words, R.
Josef is the youngest recruit to Karl's gang and he's still finding his feet.
2/7: Drills 3,600 words, NC-17.
Karl is using the boys to make a very public point. It's not Josef's job to ask questions; it's his job to do what he's told. Whatever he's told.
3/7 Where Everybody Stands 2,100 words, R.
The boys have got a bit of work to do before the competition. And Josef finds that the other guys are rather too interested in what happened last night.
4/7 Competition 2,300 words, NC-17.
The competition for the Most Incredible Thing is underway. Josef finds himself the subject of a little competitive action as well.
5/7 Clock 2,300 words, R.
There's a competition entry that could give Karl a real headache. Josef's got a headache too, thanks to Vladimir.
6/7 Junior 4,860 words, NC-17.
Karl's not impressed with Josef's quarrels. And it's finally time to catch up with Gabriel.
7/7 The End 4,200 words, R.
Karl's getting the girl, and the kingdom, and the boys are riding high. Can that really be how it ends?

(1 story, 1,100 words)
Mr Vandemar's Latest Predilection. 1,100 words. NC-17. After all these years, Mr Vandemar still has the capacity to surprise Mr Croup on occasion.

(10 stories, 4 series, 73,500 words)

The Brown Mare Robin/Guy 1,500 words, PG. Just playing around with the end of S3 ep 2.

Chimera Guy/Allan/Other, NC-17, Allan settles into Guy's service. 3,300 words. Bestiality.

A Fable Allan/Guy/Sheriff 2000 words, NC 17 . A glimpse into some rather disturbing relationships. Sometime S2.

Series For the Money
For The Money
Giving It Back
Earning His Keep
Staying The Night Total 8,900 words
These four linked Allan/Guy fics are pure dom/sub porn. Sometimes I need a break from angst:-) NC 17. Sometime S2.

Series Gravediggers
Gravediggers Guy/Robin 3,300 words NC-17 Set late S3 (before Bad Blood, which it effectively replaces). Robin is bored and Guy is digging a grave.
Beginning of Wisdom Guy/Robin 3,700 words NC-17 Set late S3, after Gravediggers.

Judas Robin/Guy, 2600 words, 15. Guy POV, with Robin a prisoner. Sometime S2.

Know Your Enemy
Guy/Marian 8,000 words, NC 17. Guy takes merciless advantage of the Night Watchman.

Misplaced Affection Will/Robin 4,800 words, 15. After Allan's betrayal Robin starts to take his anger out on Will. Set after 2.5. Contains bad sex and no Guy at all.

Moment Guy, 185 words. A small farewell to a character. Spoilers for S3 ep 12

Series Outlaws
Outlaws Robin/Guy, 6500 words, NC 17. They both want the same thing, but will they let down their guards long enough to get it? Set afte ep 7 s3.
Truce Robin/Guy, 3700 words, NC 17 Sequel to Outlaws. Guy and Robin have declared some sort of truce as they travel to York, but can they keep to it? Set during ep 11 s3.

Series Saying No
Saying No Sheriff/Guy, 3500 words, NC 17. Dark. The Sheriff has decided that he wants something more from his lieutenant. Sometime S2
The Price Of One Sheriff/Guy, Guy/Allan, 4200 words, NC 17 Sequel to to Saying No, Sheriff POV. Guy has found an escape, and the Sheriff isn't impressed.

Tryst Guy/Marian/Robin 5,000 words, R. Marian plays a small jest on her suitors. Het and slash.

Welcome to Scenic Nottingham 1/2 Allan/Guy 3850 words 15
Welcome to Scenic Nottingham 2/2 Allan/Guy , 4000 words, 15
In which I stray into writing an almost functional relationship. Written after wondering what a medieval Nottingham gay scene would be like... Set after the end of S2.

Women's Games Kate/Isabella 4,500 words, NC-17. Kate is captured by a dangerously unstable enemy. Femmeslash, obviously. Somewhat experimental.

(1 story, 3,000 words)

In This Strange Land
Robin/Guy (twice) 3000 words, PG. Two Guys wake up in the wrong castles.

(1 series, 31,200 words)

Series True To Life
True to Life
Ianto/Jack/Guy 7000 words, 15. One of Ianto's favourite fictional characters comes through the Rift. How is that even possible?
Under His Skin
Ianto/Jack/Guy 8000 words, NC 17. Dark sequel to True to Life. Jack sees Guy as a threat to Ianto, and reacts accordingly.
Coming Apart pt 1
Ianto/Jack/Guy 4,000 words, NC 17. Set three weeks after Under His Skin. Nothing is getting resolved and tensions are increasing between the three men.
Coming Apart pt 2
Ianto/Jack/Guy 5,500 words, NC 17. Jack's disappearance is explained and Guy's loyalties are questioned.
Coming Apart pt 3
Ianto/Jack/Guy 6,700 words, NC 17. Guy has a decision to make, and things have consequences.

(1 story, 1,000 words)

Oh Yes, They Do Will/Robin Will/Sam 1000 words, R. Birmingham Hippodrome, John Barrowman as Robin Hood; it was pretty irresistible. Don't expect too much from PantoSlash...

(10 stories, 3 series, 244,000 words)

Series Black Hole
Black Hole and Revelation 5,650 words, R. John finds out something about his flatmate that he really didn't want to know.
Tend To Corrupt (Part 1/2) 3,800 words, PG-13 Sequel to Black Hole. Lestrade tries to extricate himself from the results of his professional relationship with Sherlock.
Tend to Corrupt (Part 2/2) 4,500 words, PG-13. Lestrade encounters resistance in his attempts to make no 221B subject to the rule of law.
Manhunt 1/2
Manhunt 2/2
9,000 words total. R. Lestrade refuses to be a substitute for John Watson.
Morning After 4,500 words NC-17. Sequel to Manhunt.
Don't Need a Weather Man part 1
Don't Need a Weather Man part 2 13,750 words, NC-17 A kidnapping has far reaching effects.

Darkness and Diamond 5,000 words PG. Can a mystery parcel drag Sherlock out of depression?

Series Fearful Symmetry
Burning Bright NC-17 Sherlock/Moriarty, Moriarty/Moran, 11,000 words
"Run Neon Tiger" NC-17 Sherlock/Moriarty, Moriarty/Moran, Moran/John, John/Sherlock, total 30,000 words
Chapter 1 Run Neon Tiger
Chapter 2 Afternoon Tea
Chapter 3 Watching the Detective
Chapter 4 A Man About A Dog
Chapter 5 Favourite Weapon
Chapter 6 A Lot On Your Mind
"Forests of the Night"NC-17, 5,900 words, Moriarty/Moran

A Formality 196 words. R (implied). Sherlock/John. Ground rules, or not. A rare drabble- I'm not usually that good at stopping.

Go Fish PG-13
3,725 words, Mycroft Holmes pays an uninvited late night visit to Baker Street, but someone else has got there first.

"More Things in Heaven and Earth" R. Sherlock/Moriarty, post-death. Total 10,000 words
1/9 Metaphysics with an Angel PG
2/9 Flames, Feathers and Fairytales PG

3/9 Threadbare Theology PG
4/9 Why This is Hell PG
5/9 Ghost of a Chance PG
6/9 Then What Remains R
7/9 Trial of Hell,R
8/9 (And Scarlet), R
9/9 Staying Alive, R

None Of His Doing" 2,570 words. Sherlock/John. R. John wakes up tied up to his flatmate.

Series Sherlock/John/Moriarty
This is Going to be Fun 6,500 words, NC-17. Sherlock/John/Moriary. Moriarty visits 221B in the middle of the night. Warnings in fic header.
Nobody Dead 6,700 words, NC-17.
Poor Loser pt 1
Poor Loser pt 2
10,800 words, NC-17.
Collateral 7,500 words, R
Turning Point 3,900 NC-17
Object Lesson 7,600 R
House Guest 11,000 R (missing scene, Sherlock POV)

"So I'll Finish", PG, Sherlock takes part in a TV celebrity quiz. Hubris is his downfall. Gen mystery, 21,100 words
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

"Spiderweb", PG, Mycroft Holmes/Charles Augustus Magnussen/Jim Moriarty
Part 1 to 3 4,300 words
Part 4 1,700 words

"That One May Smile", NC-17, Richard Brook, post Reichenbach Fall, 24,000 words
Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three
Chapter Four
Chapter Five
Chapter Six
Chapter Seven
Chapter Eight
Chapter Nine
Chapter Ten

We Didn't Come through Unscathed Part 1 R
We Didn't Come through Unscathed Part 2 R
We Didn't Come through Unscathed Part 3 R
Total 28,270 words. After Reichenbach Sherlock is still running. AU written before Series 3.

What Happens While Nothing Happens part 1 1,700 words R
What Happens While Nothing Happens part 2 2,000 words R
What Happens While Nothing Happens part 3 3,000 words R
What might have happened if Sherlock had used the phone number he was given?

(1 story, 10,000 words)

The Case of the Missing Bus Ticket, 10,000 words, U. Dirk and Richard's case intersects Sherlock and John's. On a bus.

(1 story, 1,400 words)

What Is Needed Tonight (Coriolanus) PG-13 1,400 words. Everything has a price.

(1 story, 3,000 words)

PTSD Jack/Spike. R 3000 words. Jack has been traumatised by the Master. Therapy comes from an unlikely source.

(3 stories, 10,200 words)

Budget Eve R (implied) Cameron/Clegg 600 words. Why did Nick look so miserable throughout the Budget speech?

Corridor of Power Cameron/Clegg 3,400 words PG-13 About coalitions.

His Lordship Cameron/Clegg/Mandelson 6,200 words NC-17. Clegg uncovers Cameron's secret. (I have no excuses for this.)

(1 story, 70,000 words approx)

Invictus, an original Robin Hood novel
Chapter 10 of View from the Cheap Seats. In which I manage to please Tarrant, at least.
8th-Aug-2018 02:13 pm - Sapphire and Steel
I have finished the Sapphire and Steel DVDs, with huge, loved absolutely every minute delight, and now I have to work out how on earth I'm going to get access to the audio CDs. Also I wrote a short post-ending piece, just to get a feel for my own sense of the characters before I go away and read some fanfic. Something New on AO3.
Another couple of short chapters for A View from the Cheap Seats, and the number of chapters has been extended a bit because I don't seem to be near a resolution yet.

There may be a slight hiatus due to the fact that I haven't the faintest idea what happens next but that's pretty normal at this stage and I have learned over the years that it is nothing to panic about ;-) Also I have a 3k assignment on critical discourse analysis and Theresa May's Brexit speeches to finish which should probably start taking priority sometime soon. But more of this will doubtless turn up very soon anyway.
31st-Jul-2018 08:08 pm - Average stats meme
Borrowed from [personal profile] lost_spook as a distraction from being stuck on the sofa being ill.

Average word count: 8,678
Average hits count: 1,221
Average Kudos count: 36
Average no. of comment threads: 7
Average no. of Bookmarks: 4.5

highly average fics!Collapse )
Chapter 5 of The View from the Cheap Seats is posted here

I am feeling nearly as sick as my characters at the moment, having got rather blasé about my long term medications and thoughtlessly taken something over the counter without checking first. For future reference, sodium citrate and lithium are most extremely not compatible. Still it had given me an excuse to lie on the sofa and watch Sapphire and Steel all afternoon.
Here's the first chapter of a Vila centred thing. It will acquire ratings etc when I figure out what it's about.

The View from the Cheap Seats ch 1 at AO3
21st-May-2018 03:25 pm - Fic: Quaint Honour (Blake's 7)
Title: Quaint Honour
Author: Unsentimental Fool
Fandom: Blake's 7
Rating: Mature
Pairing: Avon/Blake
Word Count: 13,400
Summary:Blake's been on the Liberator for just two weeks but he's already decided that he would like to get to know a certain member of his new crew a little better. The crewmember in question thinks that's an astonishingly pointless idea.

Quaint Honour on AO3

Notes:  I was thinking about the various more or less satisfactory ways of getting characters together and it occurred to me that I've never written a fic in which people just date.

If this had been that story it would have been a great deal shorter. 

The title comes from Andrew Marvel's To His Coy Mistress which is one of my all time favourite love poems, being simultaneously romantic, rational and emotionally manipulative. 
14th-Apr-2018 05:28 pm - Fic: Spiderweb (Sherlock) complete
I have finally finished Spiderweb! Am very pleased with the way it turned out, even if it took a while to get there...

From AO3;

I feel with this one actually done there may even be hope for 'Fey, or the Story of the Inconsiderate Lodger' which is the R Downey Jr Sherlock and was started in 2010 and last updated 2016 but which I still think of as ongoing.
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